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Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett
Records Management Division
RDA Management System
RDA Details
Database ID: 2110
Record Series Title: Temporary Captured Media
Record Series Abstract: Temporary Records, is defined at T.C.A § 10-7-301(13)as: material which can be disposed of in a short period of time as being without value in documenting the function of an agency. Temporary records will be scheduled for disposal by requesting approval from the public records commission [PRC] utilizing a records disposition authorization [RDA]. Video, audio and still photography captured and produced by agency employees for the use of the agency and which do not meet quality standards (blurry, out of focus, etc.) are temporary and to be removed at the discretion of the creator and/or staff. Any media that is not disposed of will be covered under SW36
Record Series Active: Yes
Cut Off at End of: Other
If Other, Explain: Files are cut off when no longer of administrative value to the division
Total Retention: 0 Years 0 Months
Retention End Action: Destroy
Disposition Notes: Files are removed as they are deemed to be below acceptable standards and not fit for current or future use.
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Worksheet ID: 2112
Record Location: Agency records officer shall keep documentation of specific location.
File Arrangement: Alpha/Numeric
Media Format Generated: Both
Media Format Stored: Paper/Electronic
Date Range: Current
Annual Accumulation: Agency records officer shall keep documentation of annual accumulation.
Current Volume: Agency records officer shall keep documentation of total volume.
Record Value: Administrative
Audit Requirements: State
Reference Frequency:
Current Year per Month: 0
Past Year: 0
2 - 5 Years: 0
Over 5 Years: 0
Data Update Frequency: Daily
Information Shared Outside of State: No
If Shared, List Agencies:
Essential Record: No
Essential Record Stored:
Essential Record Media Type:
Confidential Legal Citation:
Media Recommendation: Current Format
Media Recommendation Other:
Agency Retention: 0
Agency Retention - Years Active:
Agency Retention - Years Inactive:
Records Center Retention Period: 0
Final Disposition after Retention Expires: Destroy
Legal Citation: T.C.A § 10-7-301(13)
Record Sample: View Sample
Legal Documentation: View Legal Documentation
Electronic Records Plan Inventory
System Name: Records Officer shall document system name
IT-ABC Number:
Hardware Description: All hardware for maintaining the records series shall be maintained in accordance with the current standards of the Strategic Technology Solutions (STS)
Software Description: All software for maintaining the records series shall be maintained in accordance with the current standards of the Strategic Technology Solutions (STS). Agency shall use File Types and Formats that are considered High Confidence by STS.
System Location: Agency Records Officer shall document the system location.
Backup Procedures: Backup procedures shall be maintained in accordance with the current standards of the Strategic Technology Solutions (STS. Backup procedures shall be reviewed and tested annually.
Disaster Recovery: The Agency shall have a detailed Disaster Recovery Plan for the system in accordance with the current standards of the Strategic Technology Solutions (STS). Disaster Recovery plans shall be reviewed annually.
Data Migration Description: Agency shall have a detailed plan for migrating the electronic records in case of a software upgrade/change, hardware replacement, or a disaster.
Metadata Description: File Name, Date Created, File Type, & Date Modified
Contact Information
Contact Name: Records Management
Job Title:
Address 1: 312 Rosa L. Parks Ave.
Address 2: 8th floor
City: Nashville
Zip: 37243
Phone: 615-741-5739
Agency: Statewide
Agency Head: Tre Hargett
Director: Kevin Callaghan
Allotment Code: 305.13
Action Requested: New RDA
  Date Comments
Records Management Division (RMD): 05-19-2016 No recommended changes
Tennessee State Library and Archives: 05-19-2016 No recommended changes.
Comptroller Audit Review: 2016-05-20 We have reviewed RDA SW37 from an audit standpoint. We concur with the recommended retention and disposition specifications.
Agency: 05-23-2016 Agency concurs, thank you.
RMD Director Recommendations: 05-30-2016 RDA SW37 is a request for a new RDA. The retention period will be zero years and destroy, these are temporary records. The format will be paper/electronic. Recommend approval of request to create RDA SW37.
Signed Form Received: 2016-05-31
PRC Meeting Date: 06-22-2016
PRC Comments: PRC approves Statewide 37
PRC Action: Approved
RDA History
ID RDA PRC Reviewed PRC Action
2110 SW37 2016-06-22 Approved